Southcoast Welfare and Training ( S.W.A.T)

S.W.A.T is an acronym for Soutcoast Welfare and Training
The Vision and Mission of S.W.A.T is to help as many people as we can to Glorify God in the Southcoast by attending to their Physical, Psycological and Spiritual needs.
Our Focus is on "physically-in-need" families and individuals, and our S.W.A.T Team is ready to such needs by providing as well as training people to take care of themselves.

Our Evangelism team is tasked to tend to the families spiritual needs, should they require
Our counselling team is on standby to tend to the families emotional and Psycological needs

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Bucket Project

Food distribution Project

  • Non perishable foods are collected on a continious basis to fill the buckets
  • Buckets are distributed to identified needy families
  • Financial contributions towards this project is appreciated to buy the products neccessary to fill our buckets
  • Prayer Partners will align themselves alongside us to pray for these needs.
  • The Need still exist for a building to do LIFE SKILLS and to take people off the streets(specially women)and restore them back to society.

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Soup Kitchen

Outreach to the People on the street

Our Soup kitchen operates every Tuesday at 11h00; Volunteers providing and serving soup
Reaching the Lost by need orientated evangelism

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